Limasawa Street


Are you a fan of OPM? How long has it been since we heard really good Pinoy music? When was the last time that an OPM song actually moved or inspired you?

To be honest, I do not really listen to OPM until Ben & Ben came to the music scene. This fast-rising indie folk-pop band are the people behind the chart topping hits like Ride Home, Maybe the Night, and the all time favorite – Kathang Isip. These songs had been repeatedly played everywhere and it is almost impossible to not know these OPM songs.

Cover arts from Ben & Ben’s top hits

When I heard that they will be having a Limasawa Street Album Tour here at Solenad 3, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, I immediately checked the schedule and luckily, I was able to score VIP tickets for the concert!

Seeing them perform live was such a dream most especially to Glaizle who had been a fan of Ben&Ben since they were just “The Benjamins”. They performed some songs from their LIMASAWA STREET album and some of their popular hits.

What I loved about the way they perform is that they give every member the opportunity to shine by giving them solo moments. Their smiles are contagious. They release so much positive energy that they make the crowd dance to the beat.

When they started singing Leaves, everyone sang with them. Since it was my first time hearing it live, I tried to close my eyes for a bit just to appreciate the song and the moment. It was surreal and overwhelming. I decided to take a video and noticed that Glaizle started crying. This song means a lot for the two of us.

I tried to comfort her as we continued watching and for a moment, Miguel, one of the vocalists, looked at Glaizle and gave a comforting smile as he continued singing. Miguel, you, my friend, gained my full respect for what you did. That priceless moment is probably the best thing an artist can do to a fan.

And to Ben & Ben, just in case anyone of you would be able to read this blog, I want to say thank you to each one of you. I am only one of many people that you inspired and helped through your music. And as funny as it may sound, you are actually one of the reasons why Glaizle and I are still together now. Keep connecting and inspiring everyone, keep the originality and most importantly, keep making more music.

Are you a fan of Ben & Ben too? I uploaded snippets of their performances on our official instagram account: @eat.write.wander. You can see it under the ”📍LMSW ST.” story highlight.

You can also stream their Limasawa Street Album here:

How about you? who is your favorite OPM band?

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